Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jennifer Cowart, 35, teacher, Vian High School, Vian OK

Jennifer Cowart has NOT been arrested, charged or convicted of any crime. But she is under investigation over allegations of inappropriate relationships with male students at Vian high school in Oklahoma. And she resigned her position, just before termination hearings were to proceed by the school district, at which the district was prepared to air their findings publicly.

We will await further reports on this case.

Tracy Ann Boshers, 34, teacher, Vian High School, Vian OK

Tracy Ann Boshers has NOT been arrested, charged or convicted of any crime. But she is under investigation over allegations of inappropriate relationships with male students at Vian high school in Oklahoma. And she resigned her position, just before termination hearings were to proceed by the school district, at which the district was prepared to air their findings publicly.

We will await further reports on this case.

Man that is some wicked white-blonde hair she's got.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Keenon Aampay Hall, 29, English teacher, Shiloh High School, Snellville GA

Keenon Aampay Hall was voted Teacher of the Year at Shiloh High School. But now she has resigned, after being accused of seducing a student who came to her for help with homework. Allegedly Hall gave the student gifts, and tried to get him to impregnate her. The student refused, she failed him, he (predictably) went to the authorities.

Nicole R. Letcher, 26, English teacher, Fulton High School, Fulton IL

Nicole Letcher has been arrested on charges she had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Ironically, Nicole was recently honored as one of three area teachers, to receive a full scholarship to enroll in the Master of Arts in Education program at Ashford University.

I can only assume that Nicole is one of the best teachers around...

Update Aug 29 2011: Nicole has pleaded GUILTY to charges of sexually abusing a minor. She was sentenced to serve six months in jail, followed by 4 years probation.

Nicole Letcher

Nicole Letcher

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dianne Leach, 41, substitute school teacher, Ella Lewis School, Steuben ME

Dianne Leach was charged with two counts of gross sexual assault of a student.

Allegedly an investigation was launched when a teacher confiscated the victim’s cell phone during a class and saw a text message from Leach that raised concerns.

Update Feb 6 2012: Diane Leach pleaded no contest to charges of molesting a 14-year-old boy. Allegedly Leach had a sexual relationship with the student for four months beginning in December 2010. The state of Maine has recommended a 6 month jail sentence.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Angela Sue New, 38, English teacher, Union Grove High School, Gladewater TX

Angela Sue New was arrested for an alleged improper relationship with an 18 year student.

Obviously Angela New is innocent until proven guilty. Please read the police complaint. I guess there is enough evidence for an investigation, but it sure seems to raise a lot a questions/doubts: She said nothing sexual happened, he said they had sexual intercourse. There was a witness who went into the house, walked into the bedroom, and saw the student having sex with a nude female. The witness "did not know the female but was later able to determine that the female was Angela New."

Mrs. New taught English at Union Grove High since 2007 and is married, according to Union Grove ISD Superintendent Brian Gray.

Angela Sue New

Angela Sue New

Thursday, May 19, 2011

April Alexander, 26, biology teacher, MacArthur High School, Irving TX

April St. John Alexander, a former biology teacher at MacArthur High in Irving, was charged with one count of inappropriate relationship between student and teacher after police say she had sex with a male student more than 20 times during a three-month period. They allegedly got busy at the school and in her car. According to Irving police, Alexander resigned from the school in November of 2010.

April St. John Alexander

Michelle McCutchan, 38, teacher, Marshall Elementary School, Checotah OK

Michelle McCutchan, a 38-year-old teacher at Marshall Elementary School in Oklahoma, was jailed Tuesday. She allegedly had repeated sex with a 16-year-old student, who was her daughters boyfriend. Allegedy on two occasions she set up a camcorder and videotaped it. She also allegedy sent the boy many nude photos of herself.
I feel really bad for the daughter, that really sucks when your mom steals your boyfriend.

Update June 07 2011: Allegedly Michelle was involved with a second high school student. She is currently suspended with full pay (great to be in the teachers union!).

Update June 08 2011: Ok now Michelle is linked to a 3rd young man, 16 years old but not a student, whom she allegedly furnished alcohol to. Child pornography charges have been filed, allegedly (I love that word) because McCutchan allowed a 15-year-old girl to watch her have sex with one of the teenage boys, and then watched the girl have sex with the same boy. Allegedly there are pictures of this!

This teacher is in really serious trouble it seems. The police were quoted as saying "Because of the seriousness of these new allegations, the state plans to pursue incarceration in the penitentiary... There is not going to be any plea agreements of probation in this case."

I'm sure there will be more pics as this case unfolds, and she has to show up for court.

Update Dec 22 2011:  Michelle's case has been delayed until Feb 23.

Michelle McCutchan

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brittni Colleps, 27, English teacher, Kennedale High School, Arlington TX

Brittni Colleps was allegedly found involved in a sex orgy with five of her school’s students. Allegedly this was not the first orgy at Brittni's house.  And the orgy was filmed by the students on their mobile phones.  Incriminating photos and texts were also found on the students' phones.

The married mother of three is an Army wife who's husband is stationed elsewhere.  So she didn't have to worry about her husband walking in on the orgy I guess. I mean, unless he came home early as a surprise and had a gun with him or something, that could have been awkward.

Update: Brittni's husband is supporting her through this ordeal.

Update: Police have confiscated bedsheets.

Update: Not much new to report, but one newspaper wrote this.

Update Sept 23 2011: A Grand Jury handed down an indictment Friday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Katherine Robbins, 40, math teacher, New Hope High School, Columbus MS

Katherine Robbins, a 40 year old married teacher with 2 young children, was allegedly involved in a sexual relationship with a 17 year old student. Allegedy she flirted with, hugged, and touched male students in inappropriate ways.

Update May 2011: Katherine Robbins has been indicted. She pleaded not guilty to sexual battery charges. The case is scheduled for trial August 22 2011.

Update Aug 24 2011: has been continued until the next session of Lowndes County Circuit Court in December.

Ruth Shrader, 50, teacher, A.B. Hill Elementary School, Memphis TN

Ruth Shrader is accused of having sex with a teenage boy repeatedly over the past two years. She is accused of giving him gifts, money, and trips in return for sex - a physical relationship that started when she gave him massages. Shrader is also the victim's God mother, and the victim's acting assistant pastor at the church they both attended. The victim showed the police sexually explicit text messages from Ruth.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Stacy Hopkins, 28, Gym teacher, Arlington High School, Arlington TN

Stacy Hopkins was arrested and charged with statutory rape of two male students. Allegedy she sent the males nude pictures of herself and had sexual intercourse them. Allegedy Ms Hopkin's boyfriend found out about it, and turned her in to the school principal. And allegedly her Facebook status was set to “Teaching high school students what not to do or how to do it without getting caught. :-)”

Ironic, isn't it?

Update May 24 2011: Stacy Hopkins was arrested again. Additional charges were filed, police found a third student who spent some quality time between Stacy's thighs.

Update Dec 15 2011: Stacy was indicted by a grand jury for the statutory rape of three students.


Erin La Porte, 26, religious education teacher, Princes Risborough School, Buckinghamshire, England

Erin La Porte, a religious education teacher has been removed from her position after admitting to a sordid sex encounter with a pupil. Erin taught Religious Education at Princes Risborough School, Buckinghamshire, England.

The General Teaching Council banned her from teaching. The police did investigate but no charges were filed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Kristin Ostmann, 25, Science teacher, Olmsted High School, Olmsted OH

This young teacher, Kristin Ostmann, allegedly rented a room at the Red Roof Inn so she could hook up with an 18 year old student. Allegedly her hotel room of choice was the Red Roof Inn in Middleburg Heights - on four occasions - Feb. 18, 19, 25 and March 4. She resigned April 15th, before her first year of teaching was over. Talk about being unable to control your behavior!

Update May 13 2011: Kristin Ostmann was arraigned on four charges of sexual battery. She pleaded not guilty to all charges. The judge said she must submit to an HIV test and have no contact with the victim.

Update Aug 17 2011: Kristin Ostmann accepted a plea deal. She pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in exchange for a reduction of charges.

Update Oct 4 2011: Kristin Ostmann was sentenced to six months in prison.

Kristin Ostmann
Kristin is the one sitting in the center of the first row.

Kristin Ostmann

Kristin Ostmann

Kristin Ostmann

Kristin Ostmann

Patricia Gallegos, 24, Substitute teacher, Robert L. Craig School, Moonachie NJ

Patricia Gallegos has been arrested for allegedy having sex with a 14 year old boy who attended the school she worked in.  Hopefully we will get some better pictures of her soon.