Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brittni Colleps, 27, English teacher, Kennedale High School, Arlington TX

Brittni Colleps was allegedly found involved in a sex orgy with five of her school’s students. Allegedly this was not the first orgy at Brittni's house.  And the orgy was filmed by the students on their mobile phones.  Incriminating photos and texts were also found on the students' phones.

The married mother of three is an Army wife who's husband is stationed elsewhere.  So she didn't have to worry about her husband walking in on the orgy I guess. I mean, unless he came home early as a surprise and had a gun with him or something, that could have been awkward.

Update: Brittni's husband is supporting her through this ordeal.

Update: Police have confiscated bedsheets.

Update: Not much new to report, but one newspaper wrote this.

Update Sept 23 2011: A Grand Jury handed down an indictment Friday.


  1. I suppose it might have made sense if she looked good. But damn! She looks really awful!

  2. But they were all of age, it doesn't make much sense for her to be in jail, fired yes, but not arrested.